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Thermal Imaging Survey - Peterborough Electricians

Modern technology allows us to use thermal imaging surveys, also known as thermography, to discover irregular patterns in temperature that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is an ideal way to implement a non-intrusive planned preventative maintenance program, by spotting electrical serious problems either before or during their occurrence, allowing the potential issues to be resolved at a convenient time and minimising the disturbance to production or working hours.

How the thermal imaging study is carried out

When we visit your site to carry out the electrical thermal imaging inspection, our engineer will need access to all the major electrical supplies and components, however normally the electrical supply will not need to be isolated / disconnected unless to gain access to the internal section of a panel; in fact it is important that any machinery being tested is in use and under at least 40% of its maximum load to ensure the inspection is effective.

The engineer will use the camera to capture both thermal and standard digital images of all the equipment being inspected. The specific locations of the equipment are logged in the thermal camera too, so to aid any remedial works that need to take place should potential hazards be discovered. Once all the images have been captured, our engineer will return to our offices where we analyse the images using computer software to determine where hazardous faults are likely to occur.

What does the electrical thermal survey discover?

By photographing inside panels, motor control centres and three phase systems (just to name some examples) it’s possible to locate loose connections in terminals, three phase imbalances, faults within circuit breakers, damaged fuses and even corrosion. If any of the above faults produce enough heat they become a fire risk, which is critical in terms of health and safety, as well as critical to protecting a business.

What is in the electrical thermal imaging report

Following the electrical thermal inspection, we will provide you with a full report detailing the technical findings of the inspection, along with an explanation containing what action, if any, needs to be taken on each piece of equipment photographed.

The report also contains the optimised thermal images, which have been noted with temperature markers to give a graphical representation of the findings and show where the unusual hot or cold spots are occurring.

If you would like to discuss having a thermal inspection, please contact us to arrange a meeting.