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Relamping is an essential maintenance requirement for any business, because as time goes on the quality of light produced by lamps will deteriorate.

During the lifespan of a lamp the quality of light reduces, however it still operates at its rated wattage meaning less light is produced but the energy consumption stays the same, costing the same amount as newer lamps but not giving as good quality light. The exception to this is induction lighting, where the lamp life and efficiency is far greater.

To help ensure that employees can complete their duties to as high a standard as possible, they need a certain quality of light to perform their day to day tasks. Poor lighting can be bad for employee morale, and also lead to eye strain, making it essential to have good quality lighting installed and maintained. Lighting maintenance can take a number of forms, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Group Relamping VS. Spot Relamping

While it may appear that spot relamping (replacing single lamps as and when they blow) is a cost effective way to keep lighting levels up to scratch, it is actually a counter-productive method of relamping. The primary reason for this is the extended labour costs. Having to replace single lamps one at a time becomes inefficient when compared to lamps being replaced in groups. An electrician will spend less time overall when changing many lamps at once.

Using lighting from an industrial situation as an example, the benefits of group relamping over spot relamping become more evident: If the industrial location has high ceilings, then access equipment may be required (such as a scissor lift or a scaffold tower). It would therefore be impractical and increasingly costly to repeatedly hire the access equipment and repeatedly contract an electrician to only relamp a couple of lights at a time. With group relamping, all the lamps in an area are replaced at once so this drives down the cost of the overall relamping exercise and keeps the light quality at maximised levels.

A further benefit of group relamping is that scheduled lighting maintenance can be planned around production times / opening times, meaning less disruption to business while the lighting is being upgraded. The quality of the end product of group relamping will also be better than with spot relamping, as the lamps will all be on par with each other, not mixing different qualities / brightness of light from depreciated old lamps and newer, more efficient ones.

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