LED Lights in Peterborough

Reduced energy consumption

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Investment in the benefits of LED lighting will result in greener energy usage and give a reduced carbon footprint, it will also immediately save money on energy bills.

This greener energy lighting is achieved as the light emitting diodes used in LED lighting run at a much lower wattage than conventional incandescent lamps.

For example, a 110 watt LED lamp will produce the same equivalent light when compared to a traditional 250-400 watt sodium or metal halide lamp.

Saving money with LED Lights

As well as saving money through lower energy usage, further savings come from the extended lifespan of the LED lights. Since the lamps last longer, there is a much lower cost of lighting maintenance as the lamps do not need replacing. Regarding factory and warehouse lighting, or the lighting in hospitals and lighting in schools, this can produce some large savings over the duration of the lamp life as nobody needs to be to be employed to change the lamps. It is worth noting that if the fittings are in a very dusty environment, they will still require cleaning periodically.

Using sophisticated controls to turn lights on and off in a controlled manner is the perfect way to save energy when lighting isn’t needed, so an intelligent lighting system can be used to extend the life of the lamps even further. Unlike standard energy saving lamps fluorescent tubes, LED lights turn on instantly at full brightness, just like incandescent bulbs.

Replacing lights or refurbishing lights

Low Bay LED Lighting - Peterborough Electricians

Upgrading to energy saving lights could be as simple as changing components within existing light fittings, but with some older light fittings it may be necessary to replace the entire unit.

Where existing fittings can be upgraded, this will not only reduce running costs but also initial installation costs.

If you are interested in LED lighting, having a reduced carbon footprint and saving money then contact us today.