Health & Safety – Using Electrical Thermal Imaging to create a safe working environment

Thermal Imaging Survey - Health & Safety

Health & Safety is playing in increasing role in all aspects of the workplace, be it a commercial or industrial environment.

In the workplace, it is primarily the employers responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

However the employee is also responsible for their own health & safety as well as that of their colleagues. Both employers and employees have a duty of care to each other.

Health & Safety is not just about common sense, it is about putting procedures in place to protect employees, their employers and to keep businesses operating safely and efficiently.

Electrical engineers can use thermal imaging to enhance the health & safety of a workforce and protect the assets of a business. The thermal imaging camera is used to detect unusual hot spots in fuse boards and electrical panels that control machinery, such as production lines in a food factory or manufacturing facility.

Prevention is better than cure

As with all things health & safety related, prevention is better than cure. The health & safety of employees can be increased by using thermal imaging (or thermography) to perform predictive maintenance on electrical equipment, by forecasting where an issue is likely to arise, before the potential risk of fire due to an electrical fault increases and becomes a reality.

For more information about the technical aspects of the process, you can visit our page on thermal imaging reporting available in the Peterborough area.