Factory and Warehouse Lighting in Peterborough

Factory and Warehouse Lighting - Peterborough Electricians

Saving energy is vital in any industrial situation. A key way to do this is by using energy efficient lighting.

By offering an energizing update to an old technology, using our lighting in factories and warehouses in Peterborough will save you money on energy bills immediately after installation, as well as creating a reduction in your building’s carbon footprint.

Smart controls for longer lamp life

Controlling how and when lighting is activated will make further savings and extend the life of the lamp and the ballast. Effective ways to do this include using dimmable lamps and / or motion sensors to control factory or warehouse lighting, meaning they can be controlled by someone entering the area without the need to turn them on or off manually.

The importance of professional lighting design

The importance of having a new lighting system designed professionally is vital because consideration needs to be given to the location and purpose of the light. For example, if the application is for workers to see a lot of fine detail, then the illuminance of the light needs to be increased accordingly. If the light is to be used in a warehouse with racking, the position and controls of the light need to be adjusted to best suit the situation. If possible, it is always advisable to utilize any natural light sources that can be used to compliment an energy saving lighting installation, which can also lead to saving energy when the lighting is not required.

How does our energy saving lighting help save money?

The strength of the technology we use comes from the lack of a filament or electrode in the light, making its lamp life increase dramatically. Newer control gear and ballast technology means that the lamp can last up to around 60,000 hours of usage.

The original incarnation of this lighting technology was invented before 1900, by Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer who was also responsible for creating the Tesla Coil, technology that forms the basis for all modern televisions. His original lighting invention has now been improved dramatically to create money saving, energy saving lighting systems.

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