House Rewire in Peterborough

If you already know that you need a house rewire…

Rewire house in Peterborough - Peterborough Electricians

When considering the rewire of an existing system, it is worthwhile deciding where you may require additional lights, sockets or television points etc. as this would be included in the quote and the new cables and accessories would all be installed at the same time.

Rewiring a house requires the electricity supply to be turned off for a period of time during working hours, but services can be restored for evenings and weekends. Furniture will need to be moved and carpets lifted and refitted, but this is all part of an electrician’s day at work. It usually involves chases being made in walls to flush (hide) the new cables in so planning ahead is vital to ensure things go smoothly. For example, a rewire should always be carried out before any painting and decorating. If you are concerned about damaging your existing decoration or reducing costs of your rewire, another option is to avoid chasing out the walls and use surface mounted white plastic trunking.

Does my house need rewiring?

Safety is paramount in the home and like all things the integrity of electrical systems weakens over time. A full rewire is a major job, if you are unsure you need a full rewire, it is recommended to first have an Electrical Installation Condition Report / Periodic Inspection carried out to determine the current safety standard of the electrics in the property. This way a competent electrician can make an informed decision on whether you actually require the full rewire.

If you have just bought a house that contains an old brown / crème fuse box, you may only require a fuse board change. However if you see old style wiring, with black rubber cables coming out of the fuse box, then this is an indication that a full rewire is required. Some older installations do not have earthing to switches or lights, meaning that metal light fittings or metal switches could potentially become live producing a dangerous electric shock. Combined with the deterioration of old style cables and wiring accessories, it is important to have your electrics checked every ten years to keep your home and family safe.

Why use a competent and qualified electrician to rewire your home?

There are three fundamentals to ensure having a safe electrical installation in a home:

  1. Following the BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations
  2. Thoroughly testing all work after it is completed
  3. Ensuring that work is carried out by a qualified electrician who belongs to the NICEIC or equivalent organisation

As reliable Peterborough Electricians, K A Goulden Electrical are committed to quality of service in all our work. We thoroughly test, certify and notify our work with the NICEIC, one of the nationally recognised independent bodies who ensure that electrical contractors have been through a rigorous process to assess competency.